' Make a fairy tale toadstool!

Easy craft tutorial to make your own fairy tale toadstool with glitter!


Are you up for making a fairy tale toadstool with us? It certainly is a good plan for those of you who do not have any plans for the weekend yet but also for those who do have plans as this is a project you can squeeze in because it is so simple!

The toadstool is the second project for our fairy tale month that we want to share with you! Did you ever notice that toadstools usually make an appearance in fairy tales even if it is only a short mention? Toadstools and fairy tales just seem to be like peanut butter and jelly - a perfect pair! 
Oh and see, it has glitter! So join in and make you own little fairy tale inspired magical toadstool!


paper mâché (at our craft store we get them in little bags to mix up with some water)
old newspapers
broad masking tape (the type you use when you are hanging wallpaper)
acrylic paint in red and white (or whatever color you want to paint your toadstool!)
strong glue
glitter glue

First we need to make the toadstool cap and stem out of old newspapers. This is pretty simple - you just need to take some newspaper and scrunch it up to shape a cap as well as a stem. Then you tape all around these two pieces with some masking tape to cover the creases of the newspaper and to hold it all nicely together. 

Now it´s time to make the paper mâché. Mix it up according to the manufacturer´s instructions and cover both - cap and stem - with an even layer of paper mâché. Let it dry before you go on working on your toadstool.

Once dried we get to the fun part - painting! We painted the stem with white acrylic paint and left it to dry. The cap we painted in red, then we added some white dots onto it. Once it was dry we covered it with a layer of glitter glue that we simply painted over the cap with a brush. This will just add that little magical touch to your toadstool!

Last step to do now is gluing the cap to the stem. Make sure you are using some strong glue - we don´t want the toadstool loosing its cap, right?! 

That´s it, admire your work and find a nice place to show it off!

Last week´s fairy tale project was a flashcard pillow. You can find the tutorial right here!

Have a beautiful weekend and we hope to see you again on Monday!


  1. Awe this is cute, paper mache is a really fun medium to work with!

    1. Thank you Kristy! It is really nice to work with, that´s true :)

  2. I did this weeks ago for my design class but this is better than what I did D:

    1. Aww, I´m sure your one was just as nice! :)

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  4. What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of fairy tale-inspired crafts! Check it out here: http://www.favecraftsblog.com/fairy-tale-crafts/

    Have a great day!